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Skin Revision and Scar Reduction

If your goal is to have radiant, brighter, smoother and younger looking skin, while evening out texture and tone, ironing out wrinkles and lines and uplifting bags and sagging - microneedling may be your solution! We are proud to provide the top collagen induction therapy services to the Cochrane, Calgary, and surrounding areas. 

Microneedling Collagen Induction Therapy


The treatable issues and possibilities for skin rejuvenation are plentiful when it comes to microneedling (also referred to as derma rolling). Using a device with a small cluster of needles, microneedling causes micro-trauma to the skin at a cellular level (without causing visible open wounds), which in turn stimulate the body's natural healing process to produce collagen and elastin, the building blocks of youthful looking skin. The process involves minimal pain, little down time and noticeable results in as few as 3-6 treatments. Results may continue to improve for several weeks after the treatment as collagen production continues. While we are constantly aging, the benefits of collagen induction therapy can remain for 5-7 years following (for anti-aging treatments). Some patients choose to come for only a single treatment, once per year, to achieve maintenance results.

Benefits of Microneedling

  • Improves fine lines and deeper wrinkles - crows feet,
    frown lines, smile lines, neck bands

  • Softens stretch marks

  • Evens skin tone

  • Reduces dark circles/eye bags

  • Lightens hyperpigmentation and sun spots

  • Reduces appearance of pores

  • Firms and smooths skin texture

  • Reduces broken capillaries and spider veins

  • Brings back the glow for fresher, younger-looking skin

  • Restores hair loss

  • Decreases the appearance of cellulite

  • Tightens sagging skin (face, arms, neck)

  • Clear skin from acne

  • Helps improve the appearance of scars from acne, infections, burns,
    medical conditions, surgery or injury (exception - keloid scars)

What's Different About Microneedling at Candid Cosmedics?


At Candid Cosmedics, we use high potency medical grade serums containing Stem Cell and Growth Factor Cytokines derived from conditioned human bone marrow - the most natural and powerful option to reduce inflammation, shorten healing time, promote less fibrotic tissue and enhance more youthful skin. With young skin, our naturally occurring stem cells are robust and responsive, keeping skin smooth, elastic, and radiant. But as we age, we have fewer of these cells available to repair skin damage. Over time this damage adds up and our skin health deteriorates. Peer-reviewed research indicates that growth factors are the highest level of optimization in anti-aging skincare. 


As a non-ablative, non-thermal treatment, microneedling does not remove the top layer of the skin. Certain laser treatments done repeatedly over time can damage fibroblast cells and lead to a thinner epidermis. Microneedling may help to increase the thickness of the skin and repair this damage. Following your procedure, when paired with the right skin care products, the temporary micro-channels created allow the ingredients of the products to better absorb into the skin. We offer aftercare containing these powerhouse ingredients (Stem Cell and Growth Factor Cytokines) to enhance the healing process and maintain noticeable long term results.

If you want the ultimate and natural rejuvenating treatment and booster for your skin, then microneedling could be just for you. Are you interested to experience the benefits for yourself?

Dermapen Results | CBS News Channel Report Los Angeles

Dermapen Results | CBS News Channel Report Los Angeles

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Technician - Kersten

Revision Facial                $300

Neck (Add-On)             $100
Chest (Add-On)            $125
Hands (Add-On)           $100

Anti-Aging                      $300

(neck, décolletage, hands)

Package of 3                   $810 (save $90 - 10% off) 

(facials or anti-aging)

Package of 6             $1440 (save $360 - 20% off)

(facials or anti-aging)

Medical                      $250/hour (min $100 charge)

(scar reduction, cellulite and stretch marks)

Package of 3                  $675 (save $75 - 10% off)

Package of 6           $1200 (save $300 - 20% off)

If satisfactory results are obtained in less treatments purchased as part of a package, remaining funds are transferable to other services



Depending on the area we are treating, pain levels vary according to the needle depth required to treat the area or issue. Pain varies on the individual and other contributing factors such as menstrual cycle, sleep deprivation, stress levels, caffeine intake, etc. We will use a topical numbing cream (Lidocaine) before and during your treatment to minimize any discomfort. Most clients describe the feeling as a vibrating or sandpaper sensation.


Depending on the area and condition being treated, the procedure could vary from 20 minutes to 1.5 hours.


Collagen levels peak at about 14 days post treatment and continue for weeks following. You may notice an improvement in the skin even after 1 treatment however, most individuals require 3-6 treatments for markedly noticeable results. Deeper scars (such as stretch marks) may require additional treatments of 6-12 for improvement. Sessions are booked 4-6 weeks apart, to allow the deeper layers of skin time to heal in between.


While many people do, there are many reasons why you should not. The benefits of using a trained professional include, better results, less trauma to the skin, new, clean, sharp needles (less risk of infection, damage to the skin and less pain). Many people make the mistake of over traumatizing the skin (using unnecessary needle depths and performing treatments too frequently, not allowing that crucial healing time to occur in between treatments). Many people are also unaware of other factors which may affect healing, including medications, skin conditions and applying abrasive or toxic topical creams or cleansing products following. The benefits of having a knowledgeable, trained professional, using an automated machine to achieve the best possible results will far outweigh the cost and time you try and save by doing it yourself. Your skin will thank you!


Microneedling has little to no downtime. Skin redness and inflammation are very common following and will usually disappear within 24-48 hours. It is possible to experience some slight pin point bleeding immediately following. Your skin may feel dry, tight, itchy or sensitive in the days following, depending on the severity of the issue, how aggressive the treatment was performed and on individual skin type. Products to hydrate and nourish the skin will be suggested following your treatment.


  • Pregnant or nursing

  • Contagious skin conditions or infections in the area

  • Bruises, raised moles or warts in the treatment area

  • Skin cancer or radiation therapy in the last year

  • Broken skin (wounds, rashes, blisters, cold sores, active acne, pustule rosacea)

  • History of keloid or hyper-tropic scarring

  • Eczema, psoriasis or severe solar keratosis

  • Hemophiliac

  • Diabetic on the needle (will require doctor's clearance)

  • Have used Accutane in the past year


  • It is recommended to plan any vacations a minimum of 7 days after the procedure (to minimize sun exposure following).

  • Avoid excessive sun exposure 1 week before your appointment. If you show up for your appointment with a new tan or a sunburn, you will need to reschedule and will forfeit your deposit.

  • Shower before; skin should be clean without lotion, oil, makeup, deodorant, powder, perfume or sunscreen

  • Avoid using skin thinners (vitamin A, glycolic acids, exfoliation, benzyl peroxide) to the treatment area 2 weeks prior to your appointment. 

  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine or blood thinners (Aspirin, Ibuprofen, other NSAID medication, fish oil, Niacin, Vitamin E) 48 hours before your procedure, to avoid excess bleeding. Do not stop required medications without first consulting with your doctor.

  • For treatments involving the face - If you are prone to cold sores, an antiviral agent should be used for 2 days prior to and on the day of treatment, to prevent outbreak.

  • Vaccines/Immunizations - please ensure your cosmetic tattoo appointment is scheduled a minimum of 14 days either BEFORE or AFTER to avoid any potential immune reactions.

  • Certain cosmetic treatments should be performed at a minimum time before microneedling:
    - Botox/fillers (2 weeks in advance)
    - Facials (48 hours in advance)

    Microdermabrasion and chemical peels (4 weeks in advance)

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