Guide to Microneedling (Look Young Again, Naturally)

What Is The Science Of Microneedling and How Does It Work?

In brief summary, microneedling causes ‘micro’ trauma to the skin, using a cluster of several needles set at varying depths (depending on conditions being treated), which causes stimulation of the body’s natural healing process to create a network of collagen and elastin which restores the skin’s healthy and youthful appearance. The beauty of microneedling is that it is a relatively natural way to get the body to heal itself.

What Results Can You Expect To See?

Microneedling can be used to treat a multitude of conditions, including the signs of aging and sun damage (deep and fine wrinkles/lines, sagging, sun spots, hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores, dullness, uneven texture, etc), as well minimize scar tissue (whether caused by trauma, infection, surgery, illness or burns). Minimizing cellulite, stretch marks and acne and stimulating hair growth are other conditions which microneedling has proven benefit for.

With a single treatment you aren’t likely to see much difference; microneedling works best with several treatments (3-6 would be more noticeable) and for some, 6-12 treatments might be needed for maximum benefit. While a complete reduction of the condition may not occur, minimization or improvement is often substantial; results vary by individual, however.

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How Often Should I Be Getting Treatments?

That depends on the condition you are treating and what needle depth is being used. The more aggressive the treatment (ie – for scars or stretch marks), the further time between treatments are recommended to allow the skin time to properly heal (6-8 weeks in between). Treatment for anti-aging therapies can generally be done in less time (every 2-4 weeks), as needle depths tend to be less.

For a variety of conditions, 0.5 mm depth gets to the dermal layer of the skin to induct collagen with minimal pain and less unnecessary trauma. No need to use longer needles that cause more structural damage if you are not achieving better results.

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Do You Recommend Clients Microneedle At Home, In Between Treatments? Do You Have a Protocol for Safety and Hygiene?

Clients can microneedle at home however, they may not reap the benefits of having it professionally done, such as improved results and new, clean, sharp needles, which means less risk of infection, less damage to the skin and less pain. I’ve learned that less is more. Overworking and over traumatizing the skin by doing treatments too frequently or using the wrong needle depth for what you are trying to treat can be detrimental to the process we are trying to stimulate.

I personally do not recommend microneedling in between treatments, if you are dong a series already; it’s unnecessary and skin does need that time to heal. Perhaps for long term maintenance, after a series of treatments, it may be beneficial, but one needs to consider other factors. The illustration below demonstrates how an automated machine is going to penetrate the skin precisely, without undue damage to the skin, whereas a roller purchased for home use punctures the skin at angles, which do not get to even depths in the dermis.